Vietnam - the Promised Land for Entrepreneurship

With a thousand years of history, tens of millions of citizens always making efforts to make a living and grow wealthy, with a zealous, young, industrious generation, there is no doubt that Vietnam has all the potential and necessary conditions to become the promised land that nurtures the for the aspiration, ambition of the people who wish to have a decent living, become rich and to serve the society and the country.

The report “Vietnam – Promised Land for Entrepreneurship: Why not?” describes concisely the opinions and desires of the individuals taking part in starting up - the necessary measures to be taken for Vietnam to become the promised land for entrepreneurship.

This report was conducted within the framework of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) Project by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and USAID. This report was conducted by the experts of Economica Vietnam under the co-ordination and technical supervision of the Legal Department of VCCI.        

We proudly present to you the report and look forward  to receiving your comments.

Please click here to download the report in Vietnamese. The report is also available at the Resource Centre of our website.

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