Despite tremendous improvements in the last few decades, the environment to do business in Vietnam, the Mekong Region and many Asian countries remain complex and challenging. Social progresses and environment norms in many cases lag far behind the business and economic boom in many of the countries in the region. Inequality is growing and poverty reduction is slowing down. These development issues remain and need to be addressed by innovative and tailor-made solutions which can fit to and work ...

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[12 May 2017] – Currently, complicated procedures and regulations have become a barrier preventing domestic private investment from pouring into large-scale power plants. According to Ngo Quoc Hoi, general director of An Khanh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company, the procedures of basic construction investment and investment policies for power plants overlap. In particular, the National Power Development Plan for the period 2011-2020 with vision to 2030 (Power Development Plan 7 – PDP 7), which was ...

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With a thousand years of history, tens of millions of citizens always making efforts to make a living and grow wealthy, with a zealous, young, industrious generation, there is no doubt that Vietnam has all the potential and necessary conditions to become the promised land that nurtures the for the aspiration, ambition of the people who wish to have a decent living, become rich and to serve the society and the country. This report was conducted by the experts of Economica Vietnam under the co-ordination ...

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