Committed to good work, Economica strives to make every of your experience with us a delightful and rewarding one. Committed to good work, Economica aims to make your business much easier in a fast changing and complex environment in Vietnam.

Vietnam's economy is changing dramatically. The country is poised to become the next Asian tiger. The business sector is booming and poverty is being reduced at an accelerated rate. Despite tremendous improvements in the last few decades, it is still a complex environment to do business. Though the economy is growing at a discernible rate, development issues remain and need to be addressed by innovative and tailor-made solutions which can fit to and work in the Vietnamese context. 

Born to make a contribution to addressing these problems, Economica offers a great combination of an in-depth understanding about Vietnam with international expertise and knowledge. Our strategy is not to provide the fanciest solutions to customers but the most pragmatic, efficient and cost effective ones. For the benefit of its clients, Economica works in partnership with a broad network of partner companies, organizations, research institutes, business associations, freelance consultants and associates. Together, we shine!

Current Issues
[12 August 2014] – An ambitious plan to privatize more than 400 of Vietnam’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) by the end of next year will fuel a new wave of mergers and acquisitions in the country, analysts say. The privatizations of large, attractive SOEs like mobile network operator MobiFone, national air carrier Vietnam Airlines and garment firm Vinatex this year and next year will be a driving force behind the new wave of M&A.
Light Industry in Vietnam
A book entitled Light Manufacturing in Vietnam has been published by the World Bank. The book is expected to encourage policy makers, entrepreneurs, and workers in Vietnam to think creatively to capture the opportunities of the manufacturing sector and accelerate economic growth. The book has been prepared by a team led by Hinh T. Dinh. Economists from Economica Vietnam contributed significantly in the preparation and publication of the book.
What to end poverty in Vietnam?
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