P4G - Partnering for the Green Global Goals: Asian Roundtable 2017

A rapid, large-scale transition is needed to sustain global economic growth and build resilient, low-carbon and sustainable societies. A global framework for this transition has been established through the signing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the conclusion of the landmark Climate Agreement in Paris.  Moving forward, the challenge is to raise the level of ambition and speed up implementation. This will require scaling up of existing solutions and identifying new innovative approaches.  Partnerships are a key vehicle for change. 

Partnerships offer a distinct and dynamic approach that allows each sector to contribute according to their strengths.  But working in partnership is not easy.  Partnerships have an inherently challenging way of doing things which involves bringing together individuals and organizations with different cultures, interests, incentives, value systems and expectations.  Partnerships often do not move beyond pilots or individual projects and many fail. 


The Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) has been working since 2011 to convene governments, businesses, investors and international organizations to act together for inclusive green growth.  The 3GF has been working since 2011 to convene governments, businesses, investors and international organizations to act together for inclusive green growth.  Building on these strong foundations, a new initiative will be launched in September 2017. This new initiative will focus on scaling action on the green global goals through public-private partnerships. 


The Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of Vietnam (MONRE), Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) will organize:

  1. A Learning Event  on Partnering in Practice: The event  bring together decision makers and partnership practitioners from government, business and civil society to explore how partnerships work in practice.  An interactive session in English and Vietnamese, participants will be offered an opportunity to hear partnership case studies, to exchange experiences and explore best practices. 
  2. A high-level Regional Roundtable Discussion: This will help establish a new initiative, “Partnering for the Green Global Goals”. The roundtable will bring together international, regional and national sustainability leaders, decision makers and practitioners from both the public and private sector.  Discussions will be conducted in English and Vietnamese (with simultaneous interpretation) and will provide an informal closed discussion space to explore issues and ideas on the way forward.  Through a facilitated discussion, participants will have the opportunity to shape the “Partnering for the Green Global Goals” and in particular a new partnership platform that will be established. 

For further information about the events, please contact the event coordinators in Vietnam in the following contacts: 

Asia Regional Roundtable Discussions - Hanoi 2017
"Partnering for the Green Global Goals 2030" – P4G
Hotline: (+84) 91 6548366
Address: Unit 805, Eurowindow Multicomplex ,
27 Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi  Vietnam

More information about the events and about 3GF is available at www.3gf.dk




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