Economica Vietnam is dedicated to making a humble contribution to fostering economic development and poverty reduction in partnership with such distinguished national and international organizations operating in the field of business sector development, private sector development, enterprise promotion, regulatory and administrative reforms, economic governance, local economic development, labor, and value chain development. The firm is also dedicated to business sector development through strategic management consulting, corporate governance advisory services, corporate social responsibility and advice on investment into Vietnam and into the region.
Committed to good work, Economica Vietnam always strive to do the best it can under any circumstances to ensure the work quality, the benefits of clients and the benefits to the community. Economica Vietnam’s specialists do not go to customers as better managers, but are experts in initiating learning processes, in working out the solutions together with the customers. 
Its mission is not only to help build and transfer knowledge but also to inspire among our counterparts and clients an enthusiasm and motivation to succeed through the use of such knowledge and practices. We also aim at knowledge exchange across border by bringing international expertise and knowledge to Vietnam and also by bringing knowledge built in Vietnam to different parts of the world.
We welcome you to our website so you can learn about who we are and what we do, and we look forward to a pleasant and fruitful cooperation opportunity with you.
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