Study on the Employability of Francophones in Vietnam

[15 May 2018] — The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) publishes every four years the report "The French Language in the World".  The Observatoire de la langue française of OIF is the agency responsible for implementing the report globally. The report provides facts and figures related to the number of French speakers in everyday life as well as in professional life, the number of learners of the French language. It also analyzes and provide forecasts related to the French language.

As part of the preparation of the report "The French Language in the World 2018", OIF conducts a study on the added-value of French as a competence on the labor market and language policies of companies.

In Vietnam, this study is entrusted to Economica Vietnam. On behalf of OIF, Economica collected and processed data for the study on the employability of Francophones in Vietnam.

To conduct this study, Economica used two main methods. The first method is an inventory of local job offers. Economica studied 335 job ads for national companies. These job offers come from official sources such as newspapers (Vietnam News, Lao Dong, Hà Nội Mới, Le Courrier du Vietnam...), official recruitment websites of employers and of headhunting companies, chambers of commerce and industry, professional and business associations.

Secondly, Economica implemented a Survey of National Enterprises. The survey was conducted by Economica Vietnam with a questionnaire which is applicable globally in other Francophone countries. More than 60 companies participated in the survey. Questionnaires collected were reviewed, processed, tabulated and analyzed and written up into the Vietnam country report. 

Results of the study in Vietnam will be fed into the report "The French Language in the World 2018" to be published by OIF.

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