Documentation of the “Developing Business with Rural Poor in Cao Bang”

[22 June 2014] –  For the purpose of knowledge management and sharing, Economica Vietnam has completed the documentation of the achievements, success stories and lessons learned of the Developing Business with Rural Poor in Cao Bang (Cao Bang DBRP) Project. The documentation is used for the  for sharing with other IFAD projects, local government agencies in Cao Bang Province and other provinces and policy makers in Hanoi.   


The DBRP in Cao Bang  is predominantly designed by- and financed through- loan support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The overall IFAD programme amounts to approximately 26 million USD spread over a six-year (2008- June 2014). The purpose of IFAD’s provincial programme, which already started in 2008, is to empower poor households in targeted rural communities to organise themselves for profitable market participation along value chains, in a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable manner. Enabling policy environment, increased private investment and provision of business development services would be essential instruments for achieving this objective.  



In support of the implementation of the DBRP Cao Bang, the Lux Dev Project VIE/029 “Technical Assistance” (TA) towards “Developing Business with the Rural Poor in Cao Bang” started in November 2009. This TA, with financing by the Lux Development, support the implementation of the DBRP by Department of Planning and Investment (DPI).  


After 6 years, the project DBRP has brought many benefits for poor people in Cao Bang. Pro-poor policies have been issued and implemented. By participating in Common Interest Groups (CIGs), many households have got out of poverty and learnt how to increase their income. The implementation of Commune Investment Fund (CIF) has enabled the role of Project Owner of the commune level. Infrastructure schemes have created favourable conditions for the poor to get access to market, develop value chains, diversify products and apply the model of commercial production. Irrigation schemes ensure enough water for crops and help local people to increase number of seasons per year. In project communes and districts, there are many successful stories and good practice which should be documented and shared with others. Therefore the project’s achievements and lessons learned should be documented and shared with other IFAD projects, line agencies and DPCs and CPCs in Cao Bang Province.  


After two months of implementation, Economica Vietnam has completed two documents, including a document describing the project’s achievements and their impact to the poor in various fields and a document describing the successful stories and lessons learned under the project. The two documentations are to be published and will be made available to the public soon.  


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